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Job Posting Guidelines

When employers sign up for a Maine's Job Bank Account, they agree to certain Terms of Use including the following Job Posting Guidelines:


Neither you nor your agents may charge a fee to provide a job seeker with access to a job referral or as a condition of accepting a job.

Labor Disputes

Neither you nor your agents may use this service to recruit replacement workers in a labor dispute.

Customer Profile Use

Neither you nor your agents may use customer profiles or referral information for any purpose other than to fill an immediate job opening. You may not resell or repost customer profile or referral information, whether in whole or in part.

Jobs Posted

Jobs posted on the website must be for a bona fide immediate opening. Business opportunities are not considered immediate openings. A bona fide job order means that a current and valid job opening exists prior to any referrals being made, and that the CareerCenter has reason to be confident that the employer is a legitimate employer. Job orders that are received to build a list of applicants for future openings are not bona fide orders.

All jobs must adhere to state and federal minimum wage laws. The minimum wage in Maine is $7.50 per hour. Maine does not have a training wage or subminimum wage for students. Tipped service employees can be paid one-half the minimum hourly wage. However, if this rate plus tips does not average at least the minimum wage, the employer must pay the difference.

As an H2A employer you agree to the Temporary Agricultural Employment of H-2A Aliens in the United States; Final Rule ETA 20 CFR Part 655 and Wage and Hour Division 29 CFR Part 501.

As an H2B employer you agree to Labor Certification Process and Enforcement for Temporary Employment in Occupations Other than Agriculture or Registered Nursing in the United States (H-2B Workers),and Other Technical Changes: Final Rule ETA 20 CFR Parts 655 and 656.

Employment Discrimination

Neither you nor your agents may use customer profile or job referral information to directly or indirectly discriminate against job applicants on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, disability or sexual orientation. It is the policy of the Maine CareerCenter System to offer priority to qualified veterans when referring individuals to job openings before making those openings available to non-veterans.

Monetary Investments

Neither you nor your agents may require a significant monetary investment by the job seeker in order to obtain employment. Usual and customary licensing fees or certifications are acceptable. Purchasing kits or work-from-home plans are not acceptable.

Employer-Employee Relationship

Job listings entered into Maine's Job Bank must be for direct employer-employee relationships. For an employer-employee relationship to exist, the employing organization must be responsible for the hiring, firing, and supervising of, and the paying of wages to, the employee.

Unemployment Taxes

Employers agree that they will comply with all SUTA and FUTA Unemployment Insurance tax regulations for each job listing they enter.

Worker's Compensation

Employers agree that each job listing will be covered by the employer's Worker's Compensation Policy.


We reserve the right to remove any job posting that contains inaccurate or inappropriate information.

Posting of Material

Employers are prohibited from posting or transmitting any material that is obscene, scandalous, inflammatory, pornographic, profane, unlawful, threatening, libelous, defamatory, or otherwise inappropriate. The Maine Department of Labor will cooperate fully with any law enforcement authorities or court order requesting or directing us to disclose the identity of anyone posting any such information or materials.


The Maine Department of Labor reserves the right to modify or amend this Statement at any time.

If you have any questions about this Privacy and Terms of Use Statement, contact us by email at or write to:

Maine Department of Labor, 55 SHS, Augusta, Maine 04333-0055.

Violations of these policies will result in the loss of access privileges.