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Submitting H-2B Related Job Orders Using Maine JobLink

  • Employer/Agent must have one log-in access (shared) to Maine JobLink (MJL) employer account. Agent may not create separate account on Maine JobLink for H-2B related activity.
  • For assistance with Maine JobLink call 207- 623-7967

Once Employer account is set and ready to place job order:

  • Employer must have a valid prevailing wage determination issued by the National Prevailing Wage Center (NPWC), before placing a job order and filing and H-2B foreign labor certification application; otherwise application will be rejected by Office of Foreign Labor Certification's (OFLC), Chicago National Processing Center (CNPC).
  • Job Order must be submitted no more than 90 days and no less than 75 days from the Date of Need or Start date of the job offer. File your job order and application as early as the regulatory timeframes permit.
  • Job order must be identified as H-2B using the provided scroll downs in template:
    • Is this job supporting an H-1B, H-2A or H-2B Recruitment Activities'?
    • Under Administrative Information
    • ‘Category’
    • Select H-2B
  • Within the Job Description field, job order must indicate:
    • Name of employer
    • Job title
    • Number of workers needed
    • Dates of need
    • Work location in Maine
  • Job order must include all Assurances and Disclosures as required under the H-2B, 2015 Interim Final Rule (IFR), published on April 29, 2015, and match between the job order and Form ETA-9142B (For more information go to:
  • Job order must instruct applicants to apply directly to employer and/or inquire about the job opportunity or send applications, indications of availability, and/or resumes directly to the nearest CareerCenter of the Maine Department of Labor and provide the CareerCenter contact information.
  • Job order must be set to close at 21 days before the work Start Date on job order.
  • Job order must be completed and placed on HOLD/Pending Staff Approval.
  • Employer/agent must inform Maine Department of Labor that a job order intended for an H-2B application has been posted on the Maine JobLink via e-mail, with the employer name and job title indicating it is for H-2B, to