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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions concerning the Maine CareerCenter.

If you don't find what you are looking for here, please contact us to ask more specific questions. We'll do our best to help you find the answer.

How do I get a job through a CareerCenter?
The CareerCenter offers services in both individual and group settings. Some CareerCenters may require you to attend an orientation session to find out what kinds of services you are eligible for or fit your individual needs. Ask the staff person at your local CareerCenter information center how to get started. You are always free to attend a workshop, come in and browse through the information center, use a computer for job search purposes or find much of the information you need online. From a CareerCenter computer or your own home computer, you can register with Maine's Job Bank, create a profile, and get matched with current and future job opportunities.
Where can I find information on training?
Maine's CareerCenter website has comprehensive information on resources to help you find training, and identify financial resources to make your plan possible.
I am a felon, how do I get bonding?
The Federal Bonding Program provides Fidelity Bonds that guarantee honesty for “at-risk,” hard-to-place job seekers. Currently, bonding services are being delivered through your local CareerCenter
How do I claim unemployment benefits?
See Maine Department of Labor's How to Claim UI Benefits for ways you can file a claim.
Where can I find information on wage and hour requirements for Maine?
Information of the minimum wage, overtime, child labor laws and other employer requirements can be found at the website of the Wage and Hour Division of the Maine Department of Labor.
As an employer, how do I list a job with a CareerCenter?
You can post job openings at Maine's CareerCenter Job Bank.
What are my rights as an employee?
The Maine Employee Rights Guide answers questions on topics such as work breaks, overtime pay, hiring and firing, and drug testing.
I lost my job due to foreign competition. What services are available to me and how do I get them?
Workers who lose their jobs or have their hours or wages reduced because of foreign trade may be eligible for trade benefits under the Trade Adjustment Assistance and Trade Readjustment Allowances programs.
What are the wages Maine employers pay for various occupations?
See the Maine Labor Market Information Service's Occupational Wages by Standard Occupational Classification page.