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2018 Youth and Training Pilot Program for Tourism Industry


Program Information

The 2018 Youth and Training Program for Tourism Industry, referred to in this section as the "program," is established as a one-time pilot project, to encourage job creation and expansion by directly linking new entrants to the labor force with job opportunities in the tourism industry. The program reimburses the cost of training for qualifying employees.

The program is administered by the Department of Labor. Reimbursable costs are limited to $400 per qualifying employee.

An application for funding under the program must be reviewed by an interdepartmental review team. The review team consists of 1 representative from the Department of Labor, and 1 representative from the Department of Economic and Community Development.

The following criteria must be demonstrated to the committee by an applicant at the time of application. An applicant shall:

  •  Provide proof of qualifying employee (new entrant to the workforce);
  • Provide proof of payroll to qualifying employee for up to the first 200 hours of work;
  • Work with the Department of Labor to analyze the effectiveness of the use of funds, and the skills development of the new entrant(s) by completing a survey.

Services that may be funded by the program include, but are not limited to

  • Workplace safety
  • Technical training
  • On-the-job training
  • Essential work competencies

The standards used by the Department of Labor to evaluate the success of a project must include, but are not limited to:

  • The number of jobs created or retained in the project and participant demographics
  • The cost per participant
  • The average wage paid and benefits provided to participants at training completion
  • The skills required by the participant to obtain jobs through the training program

Applicants eligible to receive funding from the program are limited to employers that serve Maine’s tourism industry and on a rolling basis until the funds available for the pilot are fully committed.

The Commissioner of Labor shall provide to the Department of Economic & Community Development, a report January 31, 2019, which must include the name and location of each business, the number of individuals trained or retrained, the dollar amount expended and, when applicable, the number of new jobs created


Project Partners

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Classes are delivered in partnership with Maine Department of Labor, Jobs for Maine Graduates (JMG), Bureau of Employment Services, Bureau of Labor Standards, Bureau of Rehabilitation Services, Maine CareerCenters, Aroostook County Action Program, Eastern Maine Development Corporation, Workforce Solutions, Western Maine Community Action, Central Western Maine Workforce Development Board, Coastal Counties Workforce Board, and Northeastern Workforce Development Board.
Maine CareerCenters provide a variety of employment and training services at no charge for Maine job seekers, of many demographics and of any age, and businesses. Visit for more information and a list of locations.
The Bureau of Labor Standards helps workers and businesses make their worksites safer, upholds standards for minimum wages, child labor and other practices, and gathers information on the rapidly changing world of work in Maine today—and in the future. Visit and for more information about no-cost services and online resources.